Ebay Morons Galore!

January 4, 2008

New Year, Same Ol’ Nutjobs

Here’s some fun emails I’ve received over the last few weeks. I know the holidays make some people a little crazy, but this is too much. Morons in red, emailed replies in blue, ass-kicking commentary in black, MAGIC BONUS TEXT in purple.

I made an offer on this item, you accepted. then you never followed thru. that is terrible Ebay practice. I was hoping to give that jersey to my son for christmas. Thanks for nothing. I am going to report to ebay about your practices.

I read that email and I thought to myself, “Holy shit, did I forget to mail something?” I actually do try to get items mailed ASAP during December and my way of record-keeping makes forgotten shipments a thing of the past. I looked up their username and found that they never actually bought anything from me.

What happened was they wanted an item that didn’t sell, they made an offer, I said sure, “pay and I’ll ship tomorrow,” and that was the last I heard from them. Clearly this is my fault. Also this email was sent on Dec 18, which is still a full week before Christmas Day. I sent them another invoice and again, nothing.

Uh oh, I better watch out because they are going to report me to ebay for not shipping an item they didn’t win or pay for. I’m on the bad seller train, first stop: Suspension Town.

Let’s not forget that the item in question was a dirty Drew Brees Chargers jersey, who hasn’t played for that team in quite some time. What a shitty gift. I did that kid a favor.

Hi it has been 20 days since I have paid you for this jersey, where is it and why is your shipping so fucking slow???

I am going to basically leave you a negative now because the shipping is so damn slow, thanks anyhow.

What is the matter with you? I mailed the jersey the day after you paid via International Priority Mail, which is the fastest way to Canada, aside from EMS, which would have cost you $40. It’s the holiday season and the mail can take anywhere from a week to a month. I do not work for Canada Post and I am not your mailman, so what do you want me to tell you?

You know, as much as I hate receiving shipping status emails, I hate snarky, passive-aggressive bullshit like this even more. You’re “basically” going to leave me a neg? Just how would that work?

I love the “your shipping is slow” line too. People have to know that once a seller drops off an item at the post office, it’s physically and figuratively out of their hands, right? Right…? Oh god they don’t.

Hey Mario,

Any progress on closing the auction so I can pay you?

Thank, Tom

Who the hell is Mario and why should I thank Tom?

i not griping but why no confirmation

This email isn’t taken out of context. They bought an item, paid, and the next day I see that in my inbox out of nowhere. What?

Email Subject: just tracking down my order
if and when you send it out i want to no so i can leave feed back

“If” I send it out? Wow, I didn’t know that was an acceptable option. This makes sense, though, because I suppose if you’re the kind of person that can’t spell “know” and “feedback,” you’re used to losing money left and right.

The Quebec Rafales were NOT the ancien Nordiques. Check your infos before posting those errors. The Rafales were in the IHL.
– crj50

Where do I say that the Rafales are the Nordiques? Learn how to read an item description.

Let me just check my “infos” to make sure. Direct from my item description:

“Up for auction today is one Quebec Rafales #15 hockey jersey, size adult large. 100% heavy polyester. This jersey is brand new and has never been worn. The Rafales only existed for two seasons (1996-98, both in the IHL), so their jerseys are impossible to find today in new condition, especially in adult sizes!”

Oh, and there are also two huge photos of the jersey. How dare I deceive these innocent customers who think they’re bidding on an “ancien” Nordiques jersey!

December 17, 2007

A late entry for the Dumbest Buyer ’07 Award

I just got home from my real job (sadly, ebay doesn’t pay all the bills) and I just went through my mail, which included some mailed payments. Great. I love these. No Paypal fees and no threat of a chargeback. It’s also pretty tough to screw up. Well, you’d think so at least.

Someone just underpaid by $1.99, while also including a two-page printout of the invoice and the item page, which had the correct total three times. How does this happen?

money order

I don’t even care about the two bucks. It’s too little an amount to make her mail another payment, but big enough where it’s clearly noticeable and annoying. I seriously want to know exactly how this happens. I’ve had people purchase the wrong money order amount, but they’ve always included the remainder with payment.

I emailed the woman and I guess we’ll see what she says.

December 15, 2007

I hate these people

So far, I’ve only really posted minor morons; the ones you can just laugh off. Their mistakes are relatively harmless in the grand scheme of things and they’re easy to poke fun at with a smile.

However, the users I’m featuring today are absolute scum. They are worthless and they piss me off. I hate them and I think they should be banned from ebay and the rest of the internet. They don’t read, they have a bad attitude, and they make life miserable for good sellers.

First there’s this asshole who has the reading comprehension skills of a retarded dolphin. He recently won a Willis McGahee youth jersey from me, but minutes before the auction ended, he emailed to say he wanted to cancel the bid. Well, why not just retract it? You’re allowed to. You don’t need to ask my permission. Of course I wasn’t there, so he ended up winning, then a few days later I see this:

I emailed you before this ended and was still wondering if we can more or less pretend this never happened. I don’t know how it would work, just pretend it was paid and you keep the item or there is a way to cancle the sale? Any response would be pretty helpful. The reason I no longer want to purchase this item is the fact that it is a Youth size and not an adult.

More or less pretend this never happened? Pretend it was paid? “Cancle” the sale? Keep the item? Any response would be helpful? Ok, here’s a response. Die in a ditch you illiterate fool. Is that pretty helpful enough?

You thought it was an adult? How is this possible? Let’s look at the title, item details and item description:

title item desc/details

Clearly this is an adult jersey. I mean, why bother reading the title, item details or item description when you can just look at all the perty picshurs and bid away, drooling like a mongoloid. Not surprisingly, this guy’s address was a frat at Pitt University. Have you ever met anyone of any value to society who lived in a frathouse?

Here’s someone who’s somehow stupider. Check out this amazing combination of dipshit logic and first-grade writing ability:

Yes Iwas trying to pay for the item that I won and my computer went out so instead I purchased your second item. What do I need to doin order to un due this transaction?

In English, I think this woman is trying to say, “I bought an item from you and I was about to pay with Paypal, but my library dial-up connection died, so I bought another, different item from you because I’m an imbicile who has no idea what she’s doing on the internet. I am bottom-feeding filth that embodies everything wrong with this country. Go Yankees!”

I mean, really. I understand that not everyone is going to be a computer expert, but this doesn’t even make sense. Whenever I need to know the point of view of the computer sub-novice, I ask my mom. I brought up the situation and even she thinks this moron is beyond dense. Way to set a new standard of stupidity. I didn’t think it was possible.

This last loser is a wonderful combination of stupid, naive, cheap, and opinionated. What a winner. In a nutshell, this guy bought an item and never paid during the course of 2+ weeks, so I filed a non-paying bidder dispute. He then emailed to ask what size the jersey he bought was. What the hell is that? Just look at the damn auction. Like my friend and fellow seller Dave says, if you don’t believe the auction, why would you believe the email? Stupid questions are insta-deleted.

I waited another week, sent him another Paypal invoice, but nothing. I closed the dispute and negged him. A week later, I start receiving stupid emails from him. Here they are, in order, him in red, me in blue. It’s pretty self-explanitory.

one thing i dont appreciate the feedback you left on my feedback area, i emailed you twice asking you what size the jersey was and you never responded not even once, oh but how quick you are to respond you not getting your money.

You asked AFTER you already won. At that point, it doesn’t matter what size the jersey is. You are bound to buy it, because you bid and won. If there was any confusion, you should have asked before you bid. Stop passing the buck. It’s pathetic.

no the point was and is i was still going to buy it no matter the size but u have you head so far up god knows where you dont see it that is why i refused to pay MORON. learn to communicate when your customers and maybe youd understand.

Bullshit. If you didn’t care about the size, you would have paid and been happy with the jersey in either size. Stop making up logically faulty excuses for why you didn’t pay. You sound like a child.

no im not making excuses the point is if you are a seller and the buyer no matter if the bid is over has a question. you should answer it, very simple, all you care about it the money who cares about the buyer as long as i get my money, but whats done is done, no sense arguing over this esp. with someone like you a seller who doesnt know how to sell properly and list the right sizes on his listings Mr “ive been doing this since 1998!” if you would have responded to my email you would have gotten your money very easily, it about the customer not the seller!! get it? good luck with the rest “business”

Thanks for the naive and hilariously incorrect opinions. I filed them under “Worthless” for future reference. Keep selling video games for 25% of their ebay value and have a nice life.

Oh, this is another one of those guys who is confused by stock photos and stock photo disclaimers, just like these jerks. That’s what he means when he says I don’t “know how to sell properly.” He sells around one item a month, very poorly, usually a video game system, always for far less than its actual value. What a tool. I’m sick of these worthless cretins. Until next time…

November 28, 2007

Stupid shit people have included with their Paypal payment

Paypal sucks and we all know that already, but they do make a pretty good job of making things easy for buyers. Once your account is set up, all it takes is a few mouse clicks to pay for an ebay item. They’ve even fixed the combined shipping problem which used to be a hassle for years. However, dumb people still screw things up and people put some really stupid crap in the “Note to Seller” section. Their text is in red; I am in black.

Note to seller:
If possible please use as return address: Ultimate Sports Enterprises P.O. Box XXXXX YYYYY, OH 44ZZZ

What? Why would I want to give someone else credit? The jersey came from me, not some crappy company from Ohio. Let’s look them up.

Wonderful. It’s a second-rate Yahoo sporting goods store. Anyone up for KC Royals Tailgating Merchandise? Do people tailgate for baseball games to begin with?

I also did a whois search on their domain, and the name registered didn’t match the name that bought the jersey, even though the Paypal email was an admin account from the domain. What does it all mean? Hell if I know.

Literally minutes later, I receive another payment with this stupid note attached:

Note to seller:

I guess I’m delivering this one myself. Who’s up for a road trip to Liverpool, NY?

Here’s another one that reminds me of the return address loser above:

Note to seller:
If possible, include a gift card saying:  Happy Belated Birthday, enjoy!.  Love, T,M,Z&G.

There is absolutely no way that is happening. I’m an ebay seller, not the museum gift shop. I really hope Derek enjoyed his unlicensed Trinidad 2006 World Cup jersey, even though it was late. It’s a shitty gift made worse, because it took four people to come up with it. If four of my friends or family members came together to get me cheap bootleg garbage, I’d be pissed.

The last one for today happened a while ago, but it’s still hilarious and the ultimate standard of Note to Seller stupidity:

Note to seller:
Hi! Sorry about the delay! Here is payment for the above, plus some suggestions for preparation and packaging: If necesary to fold, PLEASE do so in manner so as NOT to crease screenprinted lettering/logos; then CAREFULLY envelop in tissue or wrap (NO TAPE) to ensure against dust, fingerprints, staining, snags, stretching, or tears to garment; and finally, place between TWO appropriate sized backing boards to keep sturdy, flat, and again to avoid ANY markings, pinholes, pilling, discoloration, deformation or rips. If any tags, keep INTACT and ATTACHED, preventing these from folds or edge fraying as well. I appreciate the throughness and added precautions, as I do like my collectibles to arrive in PRISTINE condition. A heavy duty reinforced mailer, or box with bubble wrap for cushioning, and to keep jostling/shifting minimal would be great to. Let me know funds received and order being readied at jpXXXXX@yahoo.com or ebay. Hope you are well and enjoying the Summer! JP

Are you kidding me? He won some old dirty Toronto Blue Jays jersey and he wants it wrapped in tissue paper and sandwiched by cardboard? Yeah, I’d hate to get fingerprints on your jersey. Eat a bag of dicks. Who has time for that? You didn’t win an autographed Ben Franklin 8×10, you won something a fat guy sweat in and probably spilled mustard on. I folded it and threw it in a brown 9×12 envelope like I do for all other transactions and I later received a positive feedback. I guess he was joking.

November 7, 2007

More things I’ve never seen before

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My last post was about a moron who tried a Mutual Feedback Withdrawal for a POSITIVE feedback he left me, which I had never heard of until it happened. I thought I had seen it all in nearly a decade of selling, but here’s some more recent stuff that breaks new ground in terms of functionally retarded people playing on ebay. Remember that red is their emails, blue are my email responses and black is my commentary.

I received this question for a football jersey I paid $10 for that usually sells for $15 or so.


Haha, thanks for the stupid offer. I don’t care what jerseys you own. Either buy the jerseys or don’t.

Fuck you

I had a laugh, deposited the email in my Funny Ebay gmail category, and figured I’d be done with this guy forever. Not so much. I didn’t realize it when it happened, but a few weeks later, he bought a totally different jersey from me and left me a glowing positive feedback:

five star seller-recommend w/ highest regard product mint condition/great prices

Here’s one I got last month. It’s about a Michael Bennett Vikings jersey:

how much would you charge me if this jersey was autographed by MICHAEL BENNETT ??

What are you talking about? I don’t get or sell autographs.

Seriously, what kind of a question is that? Bennett isn’t some huge star. Would it even increase the value at all? And why does it matter what I’d charge? The jersey I’m selling isn’t autographed and nothing I sell suggests that I sell autographs. What a nut.

I am not trying to tell you what you got but I noticed on your jersey it does NOT have the NFL patch in the V of the neck but rather the horseshoe under it which is classified as a tabby jersey..the type you would buy in the superstores such as Sam’s, wal-mart,etc…I am a dealer and didn’t know if you were aware of that or not…Just trying to help…

I don’t understand the point of your email. I am a dealer too and the jersey is accurately described and photographed. Where do I say that it has the NFL Equipment patch?

Thanks for the email, helpful insane man who lives underneath the highway overpass! A “tabby” jersey? I’ve also seen the kind of jerseys they sell at Wal-Mart and they look nothing like the ones I sell. I get the “I AM A SELLER TO, SO PLZ LISTEN TO MY ADVISE” emails all the time, but never are they this wrong and crazy.

Hello I am interested in your fur coat you have for sale. I was wondering if you could provide me with some more photos of this coat being modeled on someone so I can see how it will look before I bid. Take photos of the front, back, side, and the hood up and down in the back. This way I can see if it is ok. Just email them to me when you can. Thanks. BECCA

You can’t possibly be serious.

October 19, 2007

Tell me if you notice a pattern here in Email Bin #3

I swear I get these emails all the damn time. I frequently sell the same item in different sizes, so I take a photo of the most common size and use it for everything. I clearly say what size the item is in the title, description and item specs, while also including the large, bolded disclaimer about stock photos in between the photos so it can’t be missed. My responses to each of these stupid questions was simply a link to the images you see below.

Hey I see you say its an XL but on the shirt it looks like it says a large? which is it? Thanks

– wanabedale


the item pictured is size XL, however the specs say that it’s a size L?! Which is it? – jcripe5385moron2

Your listing says that this jersey is a size 48, however the picture you have is a size 60, which explains why the logo looks so small. I would love to bid on this jersey however i have purchased jersey from ebay before that were the wrong size and dont want to go through that hassle again. – kcole13moron3

October 5, 2007

Classic Emails V1

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Sorry for the lack of updates. There was a month long ebay sale, and whatever free time I had went towards posting crap and shipping crap. Now that I am low on crap and the sale is over, I can resume posting morons for everyone’s enjoyment. How about some classic emails from 2002-2005? The following is an unsolicited message I got through ebay’s messaging service two years ago or so. Unfortunately, I didn’t save his username. What the hell is this guy talking about?


I’m looking for a good trans_universal transportation unit. Do you have the Mccoy self generating g series watch or similar newer models available?

I also need other items you may or may not have available. Please send a (separate) email to me at: support@yirepope.com if available and let me know your terms on doing business.

Thank you


Huh? After looking up “yirepope,” apparently a few other people received the same email. Strange.


Hmmm, why would a seller sell something on ebay? Especially a seller that has ~40 items up at all times? Yes, all of those jerseys are personally mine and they’re all too small for me, even the 4XLs. Sure, please send me your shitty John Lynch jersey that probably has spunk stains on it for my new with tags jersey.


i believe the original price still stands at $6.50, not $11.47 as you’ve quoted. if there is a shipping fee please email me back and quote me a price.thanks,


Nah, there’s never a shipping on fee when you have an item shipped to you. Just pay the bid price and I’ll overnight it to you for free. Seriously, I want to know what is going through this guy’s head. I quote him an exact price including shipping, he rejects it, but asks if there is a shipping fee and if so, how much. WTF???

i apologize for the mix up. i’ll be sending you a payment (via paypal), it just seemed confusing to me.
-andrew (“polishprince1977”)

I know. Ebay is tough. I’m 100% purebread Polish and even I want to make a dumb Polock joke here.

Question from eBay Member: New IVAN RODRIGUEZ Rangers Tigers Authentic Jersey XL

Can you tell me what coat size an XL is? – 69b8

Haha, what? I’m selling a jersey, not a coat. Don’t most coats have standard Small, Medium, Large sizes anyway?

Question about your item: NEW Detroit Pistons BEN WALLACE Authentic Jersey Large

what is the highest bid? – drver41

Hang on, let me check.

September 4, 2007

Email Bin #2

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Let’s see what the ol’ Inbox brought in this week. As always, their emails are in red, my responses are in blue (where applicable), and my commentary is in black. Note how everyone here has the spelling ability of a dog rolling around on a laptop.

Hey dane i love the Adam archuleta jersey and want to buy it and i was woundering if i could send u the money in the mail would that be possible? i really want his jersey and i really dont want to buy from NFL shop for $70 so u think i could send the money through the mail.
– kane6662

Who the hell is “dane”? I was really hoping this guy was Canadian, because his bizarre spelling of wondering with a U is too appalling for someone who managed to create his own ebay screen name. The item in question is an Adam Archuleta Rams jersey, who hasn’t played for that team in years and has been on two teams since. I don’t think you can buy that one in the NFL Shop anymore.

is this the only pacman jones jersey available on ebay
is ther going to be anymore lol
– 8896jeffrey

What the fuck is this shit? Do I look like your personal ebay search engine? I don’t know if “ther”‘s going to be anymore, since I do not work for Reebok and I’m too busy eating various forms of hamburger to finish my time machine.

kayla4200 is the winner.


is yor name steve toregiante? if so you sent me the wrong package. please contact me asap. thank you..

This person has bought like three things in 2007 and can’t even keep them straight. Obviously I’m not Steve Toregiante, no matter how much I would like to be, and this woman just bought her item ONE DAY before sending this email. I don’t know how people like this manage to function.

clemdeezz is a potential buyer.


Do u have this jersey in size L?

This is a vintage jersey from 1986, not something you can order many of from a store. This is the only one I’ve ever had in ten years of selling. If you’re interested, I suggest you bid, since you may not see one of these for a long time.

Yeah, I have a huge stack of 20-year-old Mets jerseys lying around. No problem, let me mail you a size large. Don’t even worry about paying. They are so common, they are worthless.

I get that question far too often for vintage shirts. It’s really pathetic.

andriusbarkauskas is a bidder.


hi i want to buy this VC jersey,medium size. How much do you want for it ? i am from Europe,Lithuania,so how are you going to send to me this jersey?How long it takes to come to me? And the most important how do i have to pay you? I am new here,so don’t know much.Can i go to the bank and send the money to your bill? If you let me know about everything and let me buy this jersey i’ll be veruy happy.

This worthless sack of Euro-trash ended up winning the jersey and never paid, even though I told him exactly how. I require all bidders to have a Paypal account, so obviously he has one. I sent him a dozen invoices and he never paid. Ever since I implemented this rule, very few people have failed to pay. This guy is one of them. Eat a bag of dicks, Andrius Baraaksuasuasukkkasus.

Here’s a Paypal payment I got the other day. Name and address edited out for obvious reasons.

Shipping Information

suite #190
Phoinex, AZ 85008

That has got to be the worst spelling of Phoenix I’ve ever seen. Normally when people with a third-grade education misspell Phoenix, it’s “Pheonix,” which I personally think looks ridiculous, but at least it’s common. I didn’t want the postal clerk to think I was severely retarded, so I spelled the city correctly and it arrived just fine.

Item: Phoenix Suns AMARE STOUDEMIRE Jersey L/Large

renzobcn is a potential buyer.


Please, name’s player and NBA logo’s are sewing or serigraphied?Answer me fast please!!!

Renzobcn raised a good point in his question, and since I did not know if the name’s player and NBA logo’s were sewing or serigraphied, I decided to call Reebok HQ.

“Thank you for calling Reebok product assistance. This is Marcia. How may I help you?”

“Quickly, are name’s player and NBA logo’s sewing or serigraphied? Please!”

“I’m sorry?”

“Are Amare’s name player and NBA logo’s sewing or serigraphied? This is not a hard question and I know you know the answer. Hurry!”

“Who is this?”

“This is Justin calling on behalf of Ren Zob. Answer me fast please!”

Then the fat cow hung up on me. I emailed renzobcn the bad news, but my response was not fast enough.

August 22, 2007

Email Bin #1

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Real emails, straight from my inbox. Morons are in red, I am in blue, and my commentary is in black.

This one is about a Mitchell & Ness Cecil Fielder jersey that retails for $300ish and typically sells on ebay for ~$150. Unfortunately, it had what looked like a light footprint or something on it, but it still was worth quite a bit since the jersey is so rare. It ended up going for a little under $100.

roclafamilia2123 is a potential buyer.
70.00 including shipping?

Haha, no. Even with the marks, it’ll still go for over $100. Make a real offer or just bid.

roclafamilia2123 is a potential buyer.
its got dirt all over the front. dont holla at me u need to holla at a mothafuckin drycleaner b4 puttin that jersey up expecting over 100 niggaget ur mind right and ur gwap up u disrespectin ebay niggaand please tell ebay that i swore at u..fuckin rat all snitches in ditches nigga 21 gun salute nigga

I nominate this guy for dork of the year. Who gives a shit where the item is coming from, unless it’s something timely like tickets, or something huge to pick up in person. The item here is a Dominican Republic baseball jersey and I clearly say no local pick-up.

godwulf is a potential buyer.
What is the reason for being vague about the Item Location? “Earth, United States”? I am seriously looking at your jerseys, but this puts me off, honestly. Jeff

Does it really matter where I’m from in the US? I travel a lot because of my job, so items get shipped from all different locations. (Absolutely not true, by the way) Look at my high feedback. Do you really think I’m a scam artist or something because I say “Earth” as my location? Give me a break. If something as trivial as this “puts you off,” I’d hate to see what happens when something legitimate gets in your way.


If a simple, reasonable and civilly worded request for information causes you to be snarky and insulting to a potential customer, it’s amazing to me that you’ve been in business for as long as you apparently have, or gotten the good feedback.

Anyway, congratulations on doing so well that you don’t need any money from me.


I’ve been selling stuff on ebay since fall of ’98, and I realized a long time ago that it’s best to block users who send bizarre emails. The transactions turn out poorly almost every single time. Don’t worry about not bidding, as I added you to my blocked bidder list almost immediately after you emailed the first time.

I sell as a hobby, not as a primary, secondary, or even tertiary source of income. You’re not doing me a favor by bidding on my stuff; I’m doing you a favor by offering it to you at a cheap price.

You still haven’t answered why it matters where in the US I’m from. Do you hate Easterners or something?

Keep your money (and your Rutger Hauer photos).

This is one of those guys who wins thousands of dollars worth of ebay junk every month. Check out his bidding history. Who spends $175 on game-used bats from washed-up major leaguers and $50 on Rutger Hauer photos? My jersey sold just fine without his meddling. If this guy can’t handle my location being Earth, I can’t imagine he’d handle a handling fee very well.

Here is another one about my location, just a day or so after the above moron:

bikejunky2004 is the winner.
I would like to know where you are located?? Your listing says EARTH, United States.

Are you saying I don’t live on Earth?

I don’t want to ruin the surprise when you see my return address when you receive the item.


Bikejunky is turning out to be a real psychopath, so more on him in a later update. Who would have thought that some loser who is obsessed with bicycles would end up being mentally deficient? He’s one of those guys who simply must never leave the computer, because I think I’ve received somewhere in the line of 300 emails from him, all of them worthless.

datoad82 is a potential buyer.
were is item located??….thanyou

What difference does it make? It’s coming from the US.

Having a vague item location is great, because it lets me block bidders like this. If you can’t spell “where” and “thank you,” I have little faith in your ability to correctly send payment.

I’ll end this post with this guy. His internet anger is so cute. I had no idea that my shipping status email policy could send someone into such a rage. The item is a Minnesota Twins long-sleeved shirt.

tbeaun is a potential buyer.
_Please wait two weeks after payment clears to ask shipping status questions. Constant badgering may lead to negative feedback. I do not send shipping status emails and I will not respond to emails of that nature, unless two full weeks have passed._..YOU DON’T SEND SHIPPING STATUS EMAILS?NICE HORSESHIT SHIPPING ATTITUDE. DINKS LIKE YOU OBVIOUSLY DESERVE THE NEGATIVE FEEDBACK YOU’VE EARNED. YOU ARE A SELF-CONFIRMED, 24 CARAT ASSHOLE.FOAD!

I like how you used the words ‘dink’ and ‘horseshit.’ This makes it hard to tell if you’re an adult with the mind of a 12-year-old or a spoiled pre-teen trying to act tough. The Twins suck and Kirby Puckett was an overrated, fat, abusive, ignorant sexual assaulter. Keep buying his stuff and have a nice life.

This happy fellow sent his message via Ebay Messages and hid his email address, just like a real internet tough guy. Needless to say, he did not bid on my Twins shirt. He did, however, bid on his 1,000th Twins pin. This guy spends more money on Twins pins than most people do on food. What the hell does he do with all these pins, anyway, wear them? Man, I hope not, because those people are lame.

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