Ebay Morons Galore!

October 19, 2007

Tell me if you notice a pattern here in Email Bin #3

I swear I get these emails all the damn time. I frequently sell the same item in different sizes, so I take a photo of the most common size and use it for everything. I clearly say what size the item is in the title, description and item specs, while also including the large, bolded disclaimer about stock photos in between the photos so it can’t be missed. My responses to each of these stupid questions was simply a link to the images you see below.

Hey I see you say its an XL but on the shirt it looks like it says a large? which is it? Thanks

– wanabedale


the item pictured is size XL, however the specs say that it’s a size L?! Which is it? – jcripe5385moron2

Your listing says that this jersey is a size 48, however the picture you have is a size 60, which explains why the logo looks so small. I would love to bid on this jersey however i have purchased jersey from ebay before that were the wrong size and dont want to go through that hassle again. – kcole13moron3

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