Ebay Morons Galore!

August 9, 2007

Let’s start with a classic search

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Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for the NES is probably the most common video game ever produced. This is not a trade secret, as every game store, flea market stand, and thrift store practically gives these cartridges away. With millions in circulation, the game is essentially worthless.

One of my favorite all-time ebay searches involves finding auctions for Mario/DH for more than $5. Many don’t sell for a penny (with a cheap Buy It Now too) as you’ll see here:

Not unusual

Sure, some sell, sometimes even as high as $2 plus shipping. That doesn’t stop people from thinking their NES game is ultra-valuable and posting it with an insane price. Here’s a great example that I just found:

Just awful
Eight dollars plus an unspecified shipping and handling fee? Yeah, let me get my wallet.

The seller also paid extra for the gallery and 10-day listing upgrade, so that was money well-spent. Yeah, there’s 20 hours left in the auction, but I think it’s safe to say this won’t be changing hands.

Money lost, just on this item: Listing fee: $.40, 10-Day Duration: $.40, Gallery: $.35. That’s $1.15 *lost* by selling on ebay. Their other items aren’t exactly bringing home the bacon either. Well done.

This is a new seller, so it’s probably either a 14-year-old or someone’s grandma. Actually, everything’s spelled right, so it can’t be a 14-year-old. Way to post something without doing any research on the item, granny.

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