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February 12, 2008

Billions and billions of page hits

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Well, maybe not billions, but I’ve been getting more and more page hits, especially since I posted my feelings on the new ebay changes two weeks ago. Thanks to everyone who has referred other people here, or has added me as a link on their blogroll.

More page-hits mean more exposure to search engines, so I’ve noticed I appear higher on search result pages. Also, WordPress has a great feature that lets you see what search string brought people to this site. Most strings are some derivative of “ebay screws sellers over 2008” or “i hate ebay,” but some are funny and/or ridiculous.

Yesterday, two completely different people arrived here via “stupid polock.” A few days ago someone was looking for “canadian sportscard dealer boxes” and somehow arrived here. I repeated that same search and yes, I have used those terms over the last three months, but never together. On one magical day, I got “handling postal clerk stupidity,” “sporting goods + stupid,” “paypal will screw you,” and “ultimate stupidity blog what happened.”

Now that I have a steady stream of page hits, get ready for lots and lots of banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, Google Adsense links and Paypal donation gifs.

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